Missy V.
15:58 14 Mar 24
Moore Orthodontics is a luxury experience as far as children dentistry is concerned. From the moment we stepped into the office to the moment we left. Everyone we encountered was genuinely happy, helpful and knowledgeable. We first met in an office area and I was able to sit down with privacy and ask all the questions. Pricing is fantastic!!Then we waited for my daughter to be taken back and work was done. The nurse who was with us answered all our questions and was helpful with easing my daughter and her nerves. Impressions were done with a laser. No more molds that make a person gag! Everything in this office was top notch! Dr. Moore is friendly, professional, and kind. When we finished my daughter was given a gift bag! She received a t-shirt (super cute), the bag had an electric toothbrush, travel toothbrush, and regular toothbrush with a travel bag for school, flosser, and it all came in a backpack.To say I was impressed is and understatement! I'm so thankful we are here where they truly care about US.
Dana F.
12:55 09 Mar 24
Dr Moore has taken care of two of my girls now. Always professional, tender, patient, kind, honest and encouraging with each of them. My oldest has the most beautiful teeth now and she came in with a mess ha ha. The next one is in the making of taking her, already beautiful smile, into one with great teeth!Highly recommended
Cheryl W.
14:40 29 Feb 24
Dr. Moore and the team at Moore Orthodontics are the absolute best!! Our daughter was in braces for 1.5 years and walked away with the most beautiful smile and confidence, only to have a horrible sports injury a month later that landed us right back in Dr Moore’s care. He and his team have been nothing short of amazing in helping get our daughter’s teeth, not only straightened into place, but helping her feel better emotionally and mentally.We highly recommend Moore Orthodontics!
Kristi V.
21:43 26 Aug 23
Awesome doctors and staff!!! They work with payment plans and insurance. I highly recommend this office for kids! Thanks so much for everything. I am so excited for my son and his journey with his braces, resulting in a new smile.
Lauren R.
15:03 15 Jul 23
The best Orthodontist in town!
Amber H.
22:33 10 Jul 23
Great physician and staff. Very caring and understanding with my child as this was a whole new experience.
Amy J
12:25 07 Jun 23
We have had nothing but good experiences with this orthodontia office for members of our family! We have had experience with traditional braces and now clear aligners. They are courteous, on time, and always willing to help. I recommend them highly! They also give back to the local communities—just another reason to love them. ❤️
Amy B.
21:16 02 May 23
Awesome doctors, and great staff, they work with payment plans, and insurance. Highly recommend this office for you as an adult, or your kiddos! Thanks ya'll!
Alicia M.
01:01 09 Apr 23
Everyone is so nice and and dental hygienists and dentists are very knowledgeable and and polite. My son’s teeth are already looking amazing in just a couple of months.
Constance A.
15:40 29 Mar 23
So organized, clean, professional and quick. I went in for a consultation and within under 2 hours I left with braces. Highly recommend.
heidi B.
02:07 20 Jul 22
This place is really great. I’ve been going here for 2 years now. The people here are so sweet and care about how you’re feeling in your braces. I absolutely recommend this place.
Daniel J
16:52 29 Jun 22
Always great with the kids, super friendly and took care of my kids ortho needs.
Amanda S.
23:15 16 Feb 22
The doctor's & staff are absolutely amazing, would 10/10 recommend to everyone in need of an Orthodontist!!
Christy R.
18:50 30 Jun 21
Thank you! This office is amazing! We were from out of state and my nephew lost a tooth and his braces needed repairs. He was in pain! I called at 8:30 am when they opened, they fit him in their schedule within an hour. Everyone was wonderful and so very kind!
Nicole _.
19:49 06 Mar 21
We were referred here by my son's dentist to do an orthodontist consultation for braces. The office staff and the Dr. were so warm, welcoming, and friendly. The process and procedures for braces was thoroughly explained from start to finish and the cost was significantly lower than I expected even with our insurance coverage. The office decor is so festive, kid friendly, and inviting. Covid protocols were adhered to extremely well, and we were one of the last patients of the day so we witnessed the cleaning and sanitizing that was being done by the office staff which was nice. I would recommend this practice to anyone needing braces.
Aubrey D.
16:35 19 Jan 21
200% recommend.From the initial experience in preparation for braces, the office staff and Dr's were knowledgeable, welcoming, attentive and brought comfort to my child with a seamless experience.
Michelle B.
18:12 21 Dec 20
Coming from a person who does not find it exciting to go to the dentist, my experience with Dr. Moore and his staff has been outstanding. The staff makes me feel comfortable, they are friendly and are willing to work with you in order to provide their service. Dr. Moore is an incredible Orthodontist with an even better attitude. He explains each appointment procedure in detail, what to expect next and just has an overall positive attitude.
Maria O.
16:43 20 Apr 20
Love the atmosphere. The workers here are very friendly and helpful.
Misty B.
16:35 02 May 19
Always get second or third opinions!! On medical, dental, ortho, surgery anything !!! My kids were told they needed extreme dental work done from their dentist in corsicana!! Feeling concerned after a chain of events I took them for a few more opinions and we found out otherwise! Glad I went with my gut. Not counting doing fillings one after another on the same exact teeth billing them for it 400 plus at a time and not warranting the work!! Tyler was told he needed $36,000 of dental work ASAP or he was going to loose all his teeth. Third opinion explained if he got a crown on each tooth like they wanted to do, as soon as he had another Siezure they would shatter and have to be redone. Wasting time and money!! Was told by three others every dentist knows this with epileptic and seizure patients you do not do this and confirmed my suspicions of what they were actually trying to do😡. Trecina was told she needed lots of work and braces come to find out after third opinion today she does not. Starting to use mouth plates for each of them 300 bucks each with ortho office versus 900 each quote from dental office we will no longer be attending. Not counting the times I looked on insurance forms they filed with our insurance things they did not do and times they had not gone 😡. I’ve very disappointed and angry. I trusted this office and the many dentist there and we have gone there for years! Heck the whole family did! Not only will we not return neither will my in laws and a few friends whom looked at their bills and caught the same thing going on. But you better bet your backside we won’t ever step foot back in that office!! Ortho Referal was to a better dentist that won’t take advantage of us and is their for their patients not money. Thank you to Parker and Moore Orthodonist for all their help. Thank you Pam Gage Fuchs for all your help and patience through all this also!! I highly recommend Parker and Moore Orthodonist for second opinions and Braces. They are absolutely awesome people and go far and beyond to help out!!! Good people ratings off the charts in every aspect! The assistants are amazing along with the atmosphere!! I know tons of people who use them and feel the same way ❤️💜🥰. Thank you to Parker and Moore and all employee’s for your awesome work and being there for your patients!!! I call them family 💜! I’m very thankful for them not once have I ever walked in and I’ve not asked me how me and my family are doing. I had a stroke in 2016 and every since then Pam has gone out of her way to email me and text me and asked me how I’m doing. Also my daughter had kidney failure and my son has epilepsy and they’ve never missed a lick on ask me how they’re doing you’ll never find that anywhere else these people have a heart of gold ! They have kept me and my family in their prayers and they have helped us more than anyone in the medical field . I just can’t say enough about how awesome everyone is, how caring and experience they are in their work!
Teresa L.
21:19 28 Jan 19
Everyone is so nice and welcoming!
Lacy M.
16:02 25 Oct 18
This office is outstanding. The staff, and Dr. Parker and Dr. Moore are so kind, informative and patient with my daughter.
Jeff S.
09:14 03 Oct 18
Helpful and friendly staff. Enjoy every visit there. Everyone seems like family.
J.W. T.
23:19 10 Sep 18
Drs Parker and Moore are by far the best at what they do. They provide a high quality experience for both the patients, and their parents. My family is so happy with our experience that refer everyone we know to Parker and Moore Orthodontics. There are plenty of other orthodontists to choose from in the area, but none match the quality of work done by Parker and Moore. But it isn't just the quality of their work that sets them apart from the competition. It is the quality of their care. They treat each patient as if they are the most important patient they will have all day because, to them, they are. They dedicate particular and loving attention to each patient they encounter. If you want the absolute best care it would be foolish to go to any other orthodontist in the area. Just go to Drs Parker and Moore.While you're there, ask Dr. Moore how he feels about the Hamburger Stand.
Jackie M
23:17 10 Sep 18
Great office with friendly staff. Dr. Moore has done a great job of helping my daughters teeth come in as straight and healthy as possible. She’s comfortable in the office and even looks forward to her visits!
Lauren D.
21:24 04 Apr 18
Had a HORRIBLE experience at another local orthodontist in Waxahachie, not only did Parker and Moore correct the mistakes made at the other ortho, but did excellent work and were so kind. Any more of my children will only go here for braces!
Tara S.
22:44 10 Mar 18
Great staff very friendly! Have been great with our son!
Natalie B.
17:47 08 May 17
We Love Dr. Moore!! He has treated 5 of our kids. He is kind and encouraging to them. We would recommend him to everyone.